We folded three distinct propositions into one beautiful, retail-led narrative, encouraging users to interact through the full spectrum of offerings.

The challenge

Petersham Nurseries is a stunning Michelin starred restaurant based in the heart of Richmond. With a strong global reputation but little online presence, the brand needed a digital transformation strategy to help them shift their retail operations online. Our remit included eCommerce development, helping transition their operations to service their far reaching clientele.

The resolve

MOF ran a series of business workshops to gain the best understanding possible of the company process, including an audit of how the team were using their Eurostop ERP system. We wanted to ensure a solid foundation as we shifted the company into thinking in a more digitally centric fashion.
The result was the creation of a new taxonomy for product data, separating the existing product tree into a fresh hierarchy.We also started worked collaboratively with the team to put in place a photographic brief and guidelines, taking into account where content would sit over our image-led design proposal. 

To help the restaurant obtain a late dining license, the company needed to demonstrate they were taking active measure to ease congestion to their popular destination. We built an interactive mapping section, guiding diners through beautiful walks and cycle journeys.

The relationship

The Petersham Site is in a constant state of evolution. Our Phase 2 plan includes the development of a rich media platform, including interviews with the producers, and insights and information relating to materials, cultures and the context of the ethically sourced products available on site.