The challenge

LK Bennett recognised the need to create a best in class eCommerce experience. With traffic soaring after the brand garnered the attentions of The Duchess of Cambridge, every point of friction within the checkout flow was causing the brand a loss of revenue. MOF were asked to help develop a staged re-development programme, in a phased approach.

The resolve

We developed key persona types and ran extensive user tests to identify issues and assess behaviour. Simultaneously we conducted a series of workshops with all key stakeholder groups within the brand to gain a full insight into the business requirements and implications to key decisions within our remit. We set about redeveloping the checkout flow, moving the process onto a mobile responsive framework in a series of 2 week AGILE sprints. This involved a religious adherence to a cycle of prototyping, testing, rinsing and repeating by the following week. With every design and UX decision robust and validated, we aimed to implement new flows in time for the Christmas shopping period.

The relationship

Our partnership is based on a long term vision to produce a best in class digital retail experience through constant evolution – our phased methodology enables us to constantly testing and release new components in managed sprints – using data to inform every decision and helping mitigate risk on a high traffic site.

“Every process was well defined and thorough – MOF were pro-active and approachable, and most importantly dedicated to delivering work of the highest quality.” Sarah Lukins, Head of eCommerce