Mikimoto partnered with Matter Of Form to help redevelop its European commerce and engage a younger Millennial audience - all the while respecting the brands great heritage.


Mikimoto are originators of cultured pearls and have been global leaders in the market since 1893. Founder Kokichi Mikimoto was the first to perfect a rounded pearl, quoted as saying “I would like to adorn the necks of women all around the world with pearls” — since then the brand has been loved by everyone from Marilyn Monroe through to Jackie Kennedy and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Scope & Challenges

In 2016 Mikimoto engaged Matter Of Form to redevelop their European eCommerce in Magento 2. Despite achieving close to 200m in turnover offline, the brand was struggling to maximise revenue online. As well as optimising eCommerce operations and fulfillment, moving users through a buying journey for such a considered purchase was proving to be difficult.


Together, we set out to define what a vision of success meant for Mikimoto online. Though the product is well known (indeed, at the point of project inception the BBC had recently released a documentary on the brand), dwell time was an important measure. With such a great heritage and story to tell, keeping users engaged enough to remember the brand story was key — creating this awareness with a younger Millennial audience, who would soon likely have a higher propensity to purchase, was vital.


The new website had a beautiful, pared back design, allowing aspirational photography combined with compelling editorial to take centre stage. Sophisticated comparison functionality captures the attention of uncertain customers, whilst also highlighting product attributes and corresponding price differentials.

The website launched in English and French in July 2017. 

The order values have increased 941.4% since the new site went live together with a 39.4% increase in unique visitors.