We aimed to encourage guests to interact with a ‘world beyond the doorstep', characterising the stunning locations and helping build itineraries based on interest and personality type.

The challenge

The Royal Demeure Group consists of six beautiful Italian hotels, residences, a private aviation offering, supercar rental and a fine jewellery brand. MOF were paired with Latitude, our brand agency partner, to rebrand the entities and bring beautiful design and forward thinking technology to the heart of the operation.

The resolve

Creatively, we needed to make sure our designs and content strategy captured the essence of the hotels, known for their priceless art, exquisite Italian frescos and culinary delights, while also bringing to life the beautiful appeal of the destinations.
Our content strategy was designed not just to maximise SEO, but also to ‘own’ the whole guest experience. We created interactive mapping functionality, allowing users can filter information based on interest and persona type.
The platform was implemented using the latest in cutting edge interaction frameworks, and our responsive build included a new booking engine at a back-office level.

The relationship

We are in the first phases of an exciting, ongoing involvement in the brands’ SEO, content planning and technology strategy.
Our next scope includes developing an innovative wi-fi portal, that will leverage our unique city-guide content to help guests plan their stay, a mobile application with hands free check-in and an eCommerce platform that will offer unique items within the hotels for sale.
Niquesa is in an early stage of transformation from a hotel company, to a truly holistic luxury lifestyle brand.

“We’re absolutely delighted. We saw MOF as our most innovative and creative agency option at pitch, and they’ve lived up to every expectation.”- Charlotte Grey, Head of Marketing