There was a huge opportunity to change how people interacted with art, how they noted favourites, how the exhibition could sustain engagement.

The challenge

Photo London original approached MOF to help rebuild the brand website and develop a digital submission tool, that would enable participating galleries to put their works of art forward to be exhibited. The platform needed to be payment enabled, with a user experience that made it easy for admin staff to vet and select galleries who qualified. In addition, we were tasked with proposing innovative ideas to help sustain engagement with visitors.

The resolve

We designed and deployed the new Photo London website, while putting together a longer term engagement strategy.

We noted that many visitors to Somerset House were photographing the names of artists with their phones at other Candlestar exhibitions. We suggested using proximity based iBeacons to identify individual works of art, enabling an overlay of detailed information on mobile. Guests would virtually ‘add’ works of art to favourites lists within the Photo London app.

We suggested leveraging the download by using the same app to progressively publish rich-media content (such as interviews and lectures) in monthly issues, keeping the brand front of mind for the next 11 months, and sending push updates to promote the following years’ updates.