We identified a missing link between wholesale and retail operations. Our key opportunity lay in enabling seamless interaction between fashion brands and buyers, through a disruptive digital product.

The Challenge

Through experience working with fashion brands, MOF began to recognise the missing link between wholesalers and their retail networks. The sales process was last minute, stressful, and manual; there was a clear pain-point, and an opportunity to develop a disruptive platform. 

The Resolve

We spent over 6 months researching the market, visiting the full spectrum of the European fashion trade shows, gaining valuable feedback from an initial one page fact sheet and some rudimentary designs. Back in the workshop, we used these insights to inform a feature set that would help allay the convoluted sales processes endemic in the market.

We began by building a service layer, allowing brands to integrate directly with their stock management systems. UX was a key challenge and a heavy investment; the complexity of b2b sales far outweighed the challenges of the consumer market.

Our design, technology and UX teams worked closely together to pull off a development programme that saw the product ready for our first client, Orlebar Brown, 8 months later. The end result is a powerful wholesale commerce platform, that empowers brands’ retail networks to place stock orders independently, negating the need to rely on line-sheets, print based catalogues, Excel, archaic processes and undue caffeine.

The Relationship

MOF incubated ReChannel till the product was ready for market. The company now operates as a separate entity, with a a strong leadership team and a fully revitalised, enterprise grade tech product.

“ReChannel enabled us to scale a team in the US from zero to six overnight.” – Director of Global Sales, Orlebar Brown