Our aim was to sustain interaction with Swarovski’s editorial through intelligent cross-linking of content, and social recommendation at the heart of the app’s strategy

The challenge

Swarovski wanted to showcase their latest collections with international artists and designers, celebrating the use of their products in fashion, jewellery, art, design and film. We partnered with Showmedia, a creative and content agency, to replicate the beautifully produced Salt magazine in a digital format, enabling interactive, rich media content in a manner that encouraged a repeat readership base.

The resolve

It was key to create a digital version of the magazine that retained the essence of what made Salt so unique. We understood that the average length of interaction would be less on digital, and copy was edited into a suitable format for the medium.

We also developed a bespoke content management system, allowing the editorial team to tag articles based on a taxonomy relating to readership persona types. The app allows users to save and favourite articles for consumption offline. We laboured over the smallest interactions, to ensure the app felt as beautiful to use as it did to read in its physical format.

The relationship

For launch, we designed a huge QR code, which was laser-cut from Swarovski crystal, helping bring Salt to the movie premiere of Skyfall.

The second phase includes the development of a microsite, and a Chinese localised version of the platform, to cater for its significant Asian readership.