We used innovative video advertising formats to engage the YouTube generation where they spend most of their time: online.

The challenge

Tickr is a new brand and online dating concept. Replacing untrustworthy algorithms with gut feeling, Tickr puts its users and video at the core of its proposition, presenting a product easily described as a mix of Tinder and Vine. Being a completely new brand and idea, MOF were asked to help raise awareness and drive registration in support of the website launch.

The resolve

With a creative approach to search and display marketing that supported the brand’s identity, Matter Of Form ideated a campaign that revolved around the power of video. Innovative formats such as Google’s Engagement Ads and YouTube InStream along with display banners reached out to relevant audiences. Matter Of Form’s imaginative pay-per-click strategy infused playfulness into an otherwise monotone sector, and didn’t shy away from going after bigger competitors.
Identifying the potential between brand messaging and users’ online searches led the thinking behind our SEO and content strategy.

The relationship

Our partnership was based on hitting targets of a nascent business in a scalable and cost-effective manner.
With a vision to not conform to industry norms, and resonate with the target audience, our flexible process enabled us to keep up with stakeholders, investors deadlines and objectives, whilst coordinating our work with the other agencies involved.