The opportunity to create a point of interaction between foreign investment and African agriculture was enormously compelling - and a hugely exciting challenge.

The challenge

Grow Africa is a long-term initiative funded by the Obama administration and DFID, focussed on the creation of a digital platform with two key purposes: Firstly – to encourage foreign investment into African agriculture; and second – to empower African stakeholders to share farming data, better informing their crop strategy. Our challenge lay in aligning the brand, creating a visual expression system, planning and developing the digital platform.

The resolve

We’ve started by undertaking a series of workshops at World Economic Forum headquarters, in order to align the organization around the brand and importance of what Grow Africa stands for. After the brand piece, we started work-shopping the platform from the ground up. We split the Online Community Platform (the OCP) into 7 stages. Based on the workshops with Accenture Federal, we’ve created a roadmap for the next 18 months. This includes a digital platform and dashboard that enables farmers to interact with one another, increasing the efficiency of their farming decisions.

The relationship

Our partnership with The World Economic Forum is an ongoing, retained relationship with 18 months of work for completion of phase 1. The organisation have been delighted with the outcome so far, and MOF have been put forward for Grow Asia, a similar initiative due to commence within the coming year.