Brand Interactions™

Brand + Experience Design + Technology

We believe that every brand must think digital first

Our philosophy is born of frustration in the lack of coherence between brand, business and technology strategy – and a belief that all too often a focus on a singular component in isolation is of detriment to an overall experience.

By looking at how customers interact with an organisation through time and across touch-points, our Brand Interactions approach enables us to devise design and technology solutions that add authentic, long-term value across the user journey.

BRAND = The power to create value beyond utility that enables businesses to demand a premium and boost margins, whilst simultaneously increasing consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

We work with organisations to consider all stakeholder requirements when defining brand strategy, helping to build sustainable strategic platforms for increased competitive advantage over the long-term.

We take pride in translating deep insight and thinking into elegant, beautifully crafted visual, material and lingual expression systems.

EXPERIENCE DESIGN = Analysing business priorities and performing full internal and external audits to identify ‘pain touchpoints’ where experiences can either be improved, reimagined or newly conceived.

Matter of Form identify problems and opportunities across the brand eco-system, devising innovative design and communication solutions.

We work with clients to co-design solutions that are prototyped, tested and validated prior to rollout.

TECHNOLOGY = The conception of innovative products and services that increase efficiency and drive long-term value.

With a deep knowledge of innovation methodologies, programming and information architecture – across the business, application, data and technology – we design and develop solutions that help brands execute more sophisticated, intuitive and valuable approaches to their brand experience.