May’s Essential Reads

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Each month, Matter of Form’s CEO, Anant Sharma, curates his top five reads. This month, it’s all about a brand becoming a lifestyle, AR innovation, the dramas of digital transformation and the power of design in politics.

Nike has developed a genius shoe size fit tool

What a brilliant use of AR. Nike has created a tool that allows you to take a photo of your feet, and provides you back the perfect shoe size. This has been on our radar this month with a number of projects and pitches for us in the footwear space. Have a gander on Wired.

How Equinox Gyms are capitalising on gym-as-a-lifestyle…

It’s just extraordinary how many people suddenly seem to be addicted to hitting the gym. That, combined with luxury becoming “a bit boring”, a “sea of sameness” and almost self-fulfillingly “old world’, made this article on their new lifestyle-orientated, high end hotel venture ring true to my heart.

When digital transformation goes wrong

An intriguing account of a series of digital transformation disasters, spanning Nike, BBC, Co-Op and Ford. Lots to learn from.

Or just schadenfreude?

For more dirt on our industry, Hertz are suing Accenture after their $35m dollar website revamp didn’t work on mobile (plus had a 1.5-year delay). Ouch.

Obama’s former Design Director discusses the role of branding in politics

As the US hurtles towards its 2020 election, the nature of campaign design is undergoing a visible shift. A great interview that sheds light on the power of design in politics.

Wow Air falls apart and now it’s bringing Iceland down with it.

The airline that turned tourism into Iceland’s biggest cash cow has changed an economic growth projection of 1.8% to a 0.4% contraction. Bloomberg’s coverage provides a sobering perspective on the broader impact of the airline’s demise.