Aman approached MOF to revitalise their digital properties. We launched 27 centrally managed websites in phase 1 of a global redevelopment programme.


Aman are widely considered to be one of the best products in luxury hospitality. Founded by Adrian Zecha in 1988, his first resort — Amanpuri in Thailand — was originally opened as holiday home to be enjoyed by his family and friends. The business now includes 31 of the world’s most stunning destinations in 20 countries, and is in a new phase of rapid expansion.

Scope & Challenge

Aman engaged Matter Of Form to devise a global digital transformation for all of its properties. The procurement came immediately after the brand was acquired by a private investment group.

With lots happening (including a change in management), we worked closely with the stakeholders and agency partners to collect as much information as possible from General Managers across the property portfolio to consolidate knowledge.

It was vital to protect the brand equity of the group in this period of significant change; Aman loyalists (unofficially referred to as “Amanjunkies”), were ferociously protective of a set of properties they considered a hidden gem. There was a delicate balance to be achieved between modernising an ageing brand, and safeguarding its timeless charm.

In this context, our greatest challenge lay in protecting immensely valuable brand equity, whilst radically changing the design language and technology platforms across the entire organisation. In order to help the business become more commercially savvy, we implemented booking engines where there had been none; unified look and feel across an organisation that had wildly inconsistent marketing; repurposed imagery across a sprawling asset library; and rewrote content based on a huge volume of literature that varied from property to property.


We started by outlining the 5 stages of luxury travel and creating a high level set of experience maps for Aman’s various target audiences. Through this process Matter Of Form not only gained critical insight into the core web experience we were to build, but identified several other opportunities for innovation and category differentiation which were proposed to the brand.

Our foundational piece of work was centred around a strategic platform entitled “The Destination is in The Detail”. Born of the insight that Aman was one of few in the category who could confidently focus on the details at first touchpoint, and move gradually towards “vista” content as users move toward conversion.


The new sites launched in 6 languages globally, and included Chinese and Japanese specific permeations (including bespoke workarounds for each region). Matter Of Form provided 24/7 support to this inherently global brand, with a series of iterations post launch.