The challenge

Chiva Som are widely regarded as one of the best health resorts in the world – as regularly noted by the likes of Conde Nast Traveller.

Matter Of Form were procured internationally by the business in Thailand to redefine their digital service and communication architecture.

The complexity of the brief was around joining up the three strands of the Chiva Som brand (wellness therapies, cosmetic surgery and medicinal treatments) that were too disparate from each other.  

Chiva Som also have various other ventures ranging from farming through to education and CSR that needed to be considered in the eco-system of web properties.

We spent over a week on-site auditing every part of the business; we got to the heart of various treatments and modalities, and how they connected with different tenures of stay.

Our content strategy needed to remain sensitive to a wide variety of personas – guests varied from those seeking rehabilitation from serious medical conditions to those simply seeking detoxification and respite.

Many aspects of the proposition needed to be communicated with discretion.

Opportunities for Interaction

A thorough UX piece was implemented to help users effectively navigate 180 different treatments over 12 different retreats.

We created a seamless journey that would be driven by emotion and desired goals of the user (for example health, nutrition, cosmetics).

We made the site transactional so that easy booking could be achieved – something that was not previously available.  

How we made change effective

Functionally, we re-designed the experience and technical architecture for a complex set of booking processes. Conceptually, we considered how practitioners could stay with guests long after they’d left; changing behaviour through content and advice served via a mobile tool-kit after departure.

Our ostensibly simple outcome betrays a deeply complex set of operational flows, and has won awards for its ease of use and effectiveness.